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The  next events will be:10/16(Sat.) Foodparty of Kyrgyzstan 17:00-20:00 10/29,30(Fri.&Sat.) Hallween

The Rabbit Hole Language Cafe
We are a Language cafe located in the heart of Tokyo we give Japanese  and Non-Japanese the chance to learn or practice a  language in a relaxing cafe style atmosphere. Let the soft music and the various kind of teas, ease your learning. Make new friends and enjoy different cultures.

We also host many International parties where Live DJ music and an all you can drink bar . set the mood for meeting new and interesting people from Japan or overseas.

Do you want the chance to meet people outside of noisy clubs or smokey bars?
would you like to talk to people in a friendly, calm enviroment?
The Rabbit hole is a Language school and café where people get the chance to talk to people from all over the world.
We are currently looking for teachers and language exchange partners who want join our growing community.
Not sure about teaching or language exchange? Just here on vacation?
 We also sponsor international parties where you can make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere.
No experience? Can`t speak Japanese?  Don`t worry! Everyone is welcome!

Want to know more?
Please visit our website for details and pictures of our place and our events and send us an Email
We`re looking forward to meeting you.

Google:" 語学カフェ"or"Rabbit Hole"

By having Live discussion groups, Japanese and non-Japanese can share experiences and cultural information by participating in:

  • Live table chat sessions
  • Discussion groups
  • International Parties. (every 2 weeks)

Whether you are a

  • Permanent resident
  • Tourist  
  • Student of any kind
  • Long-term visa holder
  • Other...

You can take advantage of our Chat tables while eating snacks and drinking our various kinds of Tea, Soft drinks and Bubble Tea (Tapioca tea) those chat tables are:

  • Discussion Tables
  • Language learning tables
  • English learning free conversation tables


  • Simply listening to one of our tables.

So come by, sit down, relax, have some tea, make new friends and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and soothing music while soaking in Japanese Culture.

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The Rabbit Hole English Cafe

See you there !!